Kristen Scott - Stranded Student Gets Lubed (2017) HD 720p


Alyssa Cole - Surprise Visit (2017) HD 1080p


Sasha Zima - Tight Petite Babe Sucks a Fat Cock (2017) HD 720p

New lovers Michael Fly and Sasha Zima are getting to know each other, one slow, sensual kiss at a time, but when they make plans for an early lunch date, their passions get the best of them. Perhaps it's Sasha's short summer dress, or the soft feel of her lips on his, but Michael finds himself running his hands up her strong legs to cup her juicy ass. Through his jeans, Sasha can feel his big cock go hard. With one hand, she reaches in to liberate it, and slide her lips along its length before leading him to the couch. Pulling her panties to the side, Michael kisses her already-wet pussy, and fingers her to a tender orgasm. Their lovemaking is quiet, but increases in intensity as they go. Sasha grabs at the cushions as Michael pounds her harder and harder and when her moans reach fever pitch, he sprays cum all over her perfect bottom.


Katy Rose - Fabulous Fuck (2017) HD 1080p

Cum hungry Katy Rose gets her petite body all warmed up as she works out on the barre, but she allows herself to be distracted by her dance coach Ricky Rascal. Ricky loves watching Katy work out, but he's even more into pulling up her miniskirt, peeling aside her thong, and feasting on her greedy bare twat. When Katy's soft gasps of excitement fill the room, Ricky takes off his own clothes so that his hot little ballerina can suck him off.


Antonia Sainz - Once Again (2017) HD 720p

Naked and breathless, Antonia Sainz takes Maxmilian Diors relentlessly thrusting cock as Andrej Lupins lustful Once Again begins. After Maxmilian has shot his load all over Antonias tummy and her big, heaving breasts, they discuss how they will spend the day in Prague, but Antonia has the best idea theyll stay indoors, fucking. She pushes Maxmilian onto the bed and straddles him, kissing him voraciously, stroking his already hard cock, and feeding it into her mouth. She jerks his shaft, bobbing her head up and down the length and flicking her tongue over the tip, then sits astride him and rubs his slippery erection along the slit of her pussy, stoking his arousal as much as her own. When her excitements at fever pitch, she guides it into her soaked pussy and sinks down on it, riding energetically as Maxmilian thrusts up into her. She dismounts to suck him again, then climbs back aboard, rocking her hips until she climaxes on his driving cock. Rolling onto her back, she takes him in her mouth again, sucking and licking avidly. Maxmilian slides his cock back into Antonia in missionary, balls deep, banging her to another noisy orgasm. He fucks her right through her climax and orgasms Once Again but this time deep inside Antonias drenched pussy.


Vanessa Decker - Stockings and Lingerie Sex Fantasy (2017) HD 720p

Adorable secretary Vanessa Decker has a huge, naughty crush on her boss, Steve Q. But since HR has a strict policy against office sex, the pretty brunette must indulge her fantasies in secret. Curling up on her desk chair, daydreams carry Vanessa to an imaginary paradise of exotic delights with Steve. As Vanessa slips her hand inside her lace panties, she imagines Steve eating out her juicy wet pussy. They're kissing on a hotel bed, as the Czech stud slips off his employee's black lingerie to fuck her. Steve thrusts passionately into Vanessa's twat in every position imaginable, until they move into 69 and he jizzes onto Vanessa's big perky tits.

  • Date: 16-05-2017, 07:45

Mary Kalisy - Go away (2017) HD 1080p

Gorgeous sex kitten Kalisy in her first boy-girl movie for SexArt slinks seductively into the room where her boyfriend Thomas Lee and his associate are working at a laptop. She wishes the intruder would Go Away, so when Thomas looks up at her, she flashes her gorgeous breasts playfully, as an incentive for him to send his colleague home. It works, and as soon as they are alone they lock into a body-caressing embrace and kiss passionately. Kalisy unzips her mans pants and strokes his cock, running a cupped hand up and down its throbbing shaft. She pauses to take off her tight shorts and top, exposing her beautiful naked body. Pushing Thomas onto his back, Kalisy crawls on top of him and slides her shaved pussy with its cute little landing strip of hair up and down his shaft, unbuttoning his shirt so she can rub her breasts against his bare chest. She sits upright, her pussy so wet that Thomass cock glides into her effortlessly. He grips her perfect ass as she slams onto him, becoming more breathless by the second, her body quivering with every thrust. She squats to ride harder and faster, sliding up and down on his juice-slick dick with each stroke. Thomas lifts her off his cock and repositions her on his face so he can eat her sopping wet pussy, then thrusts back into her in missionary. She rubs her clit, smiling blissfully as he bangs her vigorously, then flips them again so she can ride him. Their fucking grows ever wilder and more intense, Kalisy shuddering uncontrollably as she climaxes in synch with Thomas, who spurts deep inside her. Go Away captures all the searing heat of intense mutual lust.


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Cara Wolf - A Sweet Wake Up (2017) HD 1080p

In this mellow and arousing scene, beautiful young babe Cara Wolf wanders around her pad in search of her lover's touch. Once she gets her soft hands on him, she knows exactly how to apply her tender charms, her sweet natural breasts, her nice curves and her sweet pink pussy in order to make him rock hard. He straddles her and makes her moan with pleasure as he makes passionate love to her.


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Tera Link - Diary Of Love (2017) HD 720p

Beautiful Tera Link is lying down & writing her thoughts in a diary when her lucky boyfriend George Lee shows up. She puts down the pen & embraces him with open legs. They kiss passionately & make endless love until she's covered with his nectar.


Lily Love - Sensual Getaway (2017) HD 1080p

  • Date: 10-05-2017, 09:17

Chrissy Fox - Either Or (2017) HD 720p

Sexy babe Chrissy Fox is in a teasing mood at the start of Andrej Lupins sizzling tribute to unequivocal lust, Either Or. She locks her lover Nick Ross outside when he goes to retrieve beers he has chilling in the snow, and flashes her beautiful big breasts, taunting him with the decision between beer or sex. Naturally he chooses sex, so she lets him back inside. They kiss avidly, and horny Chrissy immediately drops to her knees and wraps her mouth around Nicks rapidly stiffening cock, sucking it ravenously. Now she wants hers, and pushes his head down to her pretty shaved pussy. He eats her skillfully, making her knees weak, and she turns around for him to thrust his cock into her from behind. Nick pumps into her forcefully, and Chrissy rocks back to meet his thrusts, gasping with arousal. Nick drops back onto the bed with Chrissy still impaled on his erection in reverse cowgirl, and she gets in the driving seat, bobbing on and off his cock energetically and grinding deep, still balancing herself with a hand on the glass doors. She spins around into cowgirl, jumping up on Nicks long dick and riding to her climax, trembling with excitement. The rhythm of her humping synchronizes with Nicks hard thrusts, her shrieks of pleasure reaching a crescendo as they climax simultaneously. Chrissy collapses on top of Nick and, as she shows her appreciation by showering him with kisses, the camera goes in for an extreme close-up of his cock slipping out of her pussy, leaving a trail of spunk to dribble out of her twitching honey hole. Be sure to watch right through to the end


Elsa Jean - Rainy Day Romp (2017) HD 720p


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